Top Gadgets & Gizmos of 2011

Trevon Muhammad January 4, 2012 1
Top Gadgets & Gizmos of 2011

2011 was a big year for technology to say the least. We’ve seen the world first 3D handheld console, an influx of excellent tablets challenging Apple’s dominant iPad and some very impressive new apps. So we thought it would be wrong to move into the next calender year without taking a look back at the top gadgets and gizmo’s of 2011.

Best phone of 2011Samsung Galaxy S2

This choice may come as a surprise to those of you who were expecting the brilliant Iphone 4s and it’s widely popular voice assistant Siri to top our list, but the Samsung Galaxy S2 is in our opinion just that little bit better. At just 8.6mm it’s remarkably thin and boasts a wonderfully vibrant, ultra responsive 4.3inch touch screen thanks to it’s groundbreaking Super AMOLED technology. It’s dual core processor ensures that it’s lighting fast making multi-tasking an absolute breeze.Let’s not forget it’s excellent 8 Megapixel Camera ,HD Video capabilities and brilliant battery life in spite of it’s size. With the S2 Samsung raised the bar, creating the best Android and arguably the greatest Smartphone we’ve ever seen. We can’t wait for the S3 which is expected later this year.

Best Tablet of 2011- Sony Tablet S

You’re probably thinking “look , they’ve snubbed Apple once again!” but no Tablet impressed us  more in 2011 than the Sony S. With it’s Unique wedge design and textured casing, it’s far more comfortable to hold than an iPad and easier to use on flat surfaces due to the screen angle. The best thing about this Tablet though is it’s Universal remote app, which allows you to use your Sony to become a remote control for all your Media devices. TV, DVD, Sky Box,Stereo, you name it. It’s also the first Playstation certified Tablet, giving users access to a wide range of classic Playstation games. What really sets this apart from the iPad though, is it’s SD card slot which allows users to add an extra 32GB of memory.


Best laptop of 2011- Dell Inspiron 14z

The ultra portable Dell Inspiron 14z is a beautiful and well priced piece of kit. It’s i5 processor means that it’s very quick, it features a a back lit keyboard which comes in handy in the dark and rounded keys, making typing just that little bit more comfortable. Despite it’s small size, it has a very impressive battery life, impressive specs for it’s class and could be the start of a revival for Dell who have fallen behind the likes of Sony and Acer in recent years.


Best camera of 2011- Samsung SH100

Samsung make their second entry into our list, with thier excellent 14.2 Megapixel SH100 camera. It produces consistently high quality photos even when zoomed in and if you own a Samsung S2 smartphone, you can wirelessly link it up with the SH100. This synchronization allows you to use the S2 to remotely control the camera which is great for self portraits and group photos! Then there’s it excellent 3inch touch screen and WiFi capabilities, which allow you to instantly upload photos and videos to your Facebook or Twitter profile. The fact that it’s available for less than £100 sealed it’s place as our camera of the year.


Best gaming product of 2011-Nintendo 3DS

We’ve come along way from the days of Gameboy and Gameboy Advance but little has changed, Nintendo own the handheld console market. 2011 saw the release of the 3DS, the worlds first 3D gaming console which is a massive step forward from the DS series.

The new Circle pad gives users more control, it’s faster and smaller than it’s predecessors, has a stronger battery and comes with an inbuilt camera. The 3D effect works better than the last 3D film I saw in the cinema and there’s no need for those annoying 3D glasses! There really is no competition for the 3DS at the moment and Sony’s will be hard pressed to knock Nintendo off their perch with their PSP Vita which is due for February release.


Best Television of 2011- Philips 42PFL7666H

Of all TV’s released last year, the Philips was really the pick of the bunch. With its ultra thin design(37.8mm)and metallic finish it looks as good as any other TV.  What sets it apart from the others is it;s range of apps which a that little bit extra to your  experience. There’s BBC iPlayer,Facebook and Youtube apps but most impressively, it can record live TV directly to a USB stick. Then there’s the inbuilt speakers which offer immensely clear sound, well designed menu’s and excellent picture quality. All in all, this model would be a great addition                                                      to any living room.




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  1. Hassib March 8, 2012 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    The Galaxy 2 beeing the best smartphone of 2011 is true, but the Sony Tablet S beeing the best tablet ? By far no !! It may look sleek and sexy, but tablets like the Asus EEE pad series and the Samsung Tab series outperform the Sony by far ! The 3DS, not Nintendo’s greatest hit. It made an enormous pricedrop within a year, wich makes early adopters feel nailed… (i’d rather have my 100 euro’s back instead of getting some dull gba game downloads). However, microsoft did bring something fantastic on the market ; the xbox kinect. While it may not appeal to hard core gamers, it has been a great hit among casual and young gamers. Therefore deserving the rightous title of Best Gaming Product of 2011 !!!!

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