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Trevon Muhammad October 16, 2011 7

The truth about the Libyan “freedom fighters” NATO have placed in power.

Rebel Racists : Black people have been specifically targeted under Libya's new regime

It’s been seven months since the start of the Libyan Civil war and with the aid of NATO; the Libyan rebels have become the internationally recognised leaders of the country.

However specific evidence has emerged indicating that there is a strong racist element within this new regime. Over the last few months it has been widely reported that Black people have been arrested, as- saulted, raped and even executed by rebel forces.

In addition footage of public executions and racist attacks have surfaced on YouTube. In one disturbing video, a black policeman is beaten, lynched and then has his head detached from his body while a large crowd cheers from below.

It is believed that these discriminatory crimes were ignited by western media reports which claimed that Gaddafi had hired Sub-Saharan mercenaries to help violently supress demonstrators prior to the start of the war.

Innocent, Dark Skinned immigrants and Libyan civilians are now being stereotyped and African Union chairman Jean Ping has expressed his anger at the situation.

“Blacks are being killed. Blacks are having their throats slit. Blacks are accused of being mercenaries. Do you think it’s normal in a country that’s a third black that blacks are confused with mercenaries?”

“There are mercenaries in Libya, many of them are black, but there are not only blacks and not all blacks there are mercenaries. Sometimes, when they are white, they call them technical advisors,”

Earlier this year, Libyan correspondent Nick Meo of The Telegraph reported that he had been shown mobile phone footage of a “captured mercenary”(presumably he means black person with a uniform) lynched from a street lamp as well as a black African hanging on a meat hook.’

In an article discussing the fate of Tawergha, a small Libyan town mostly inhabited by black people, Sam Dagher, a Journalist from the Wall street Journal, reported that rebel commanders are determined to “wipe the town off the map.

Amnesty International researcher Diana Eltahawy told Independent News Corporation Democracy Now that in the midst of an interview; a hospitalised black man was dragged from his bed for questioning at Rebel headquarters.

Libya is no longer a safe place for people of African descent

Ms Eltahway claims that the soldiers told her that they did not need arrest warrants to take the injured man away. Testimonials from Africans share similar stories.Ghanaian migrant worker Asante Jonny was forced to flee Libya in order to avoid Rebel forces.

“Life in Benghazi now is very dangerous for blacks. Walking around town can get you killed. I had to run for my life after my friend from Cameroon was killed because his dreadlocks were seen as suspicious.”

“I am a worker, not a fighter. They took me from my house and [raped] my wife,”

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Gambian immigrant Alfusainey Kambi told American Journalist Luis Sinco that he was being held on suspicion of being a Gaddafi mercenary by rebel forces as mercenaries claimed that his Gambian passport was proof of his allegiance. Mohamed Abdillahi, a Somali immigrant was sleeping at his home when the mobs arrived.

“They knocked on the door around 1 o’clock in the morning. They said get out, we’ll kill you, you are blacks, foreigners”
“They wanted to kill civilians, they beat many of us” says Sudanese worker Jamal Hussein.

While the western media are believed to have ignited the situation, it is believed that these racial tensions stem from resentment of Muammar Gaddafi’s devotion to Africa over the Middle East. In his aptly titled “The green book” which outlines his political ideology, Gaddafi devoted a chapter to the condition of black people entitled “black people will prevail in the world”.

A strong advocate for Arab unity for over three decades, Gaddafi switched his focus to Africa in the 90’s stating; “The Arab world is finished, Africa is a paradise .and it is full of natural resources like water, uranium, cobalt, iron and manganese”.

Africa's King of Kings : Muammar Gaddafi

His huge investment in Africa and Pan Africanist movement endeared him to Africans across the continent and in 2008 the title “king of kings” was bestowed upon him by over 200 African kings and traditional rulers. However it is believed that he alienated many Arabs in the process as Journalist Gerald Perreira explains;

“The battle that is being waged in Libya is fundamentally a battle between Pan-African forces on the one hand, who are dedicated to the realization of Gaddafi’s vision of a united Africa, and reactionary racist Libyan Arab forces who reject Gaddafi’s vision of Libya as part of a united Africa and want to ally themselves instead with the EU and look toward Europe and the Arab World for Libya’s future.”

This would explain reports of rebel banners promoting “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin”.

Nicolas Sarkozy & David Cameron during their "Victory Tour"

Last month David Cameron and French Prime minister Nicolas Sarkozy visited Libya in a “victory tour”, taking plaudits for their respective nation’s instrumental roles in overthrowing Gaddafi and his government.

Mr Cameron referred to Libya rebels as “lions” and pledged to support them “every step of the way” but it seems that such courtesy does not extend to black people.

In spite of NATO’s self-imposed “responsibility to protect civilians” and reports from numerous credible sources, they have ignored the racist murders and discrimination that look to be the hallmarks of this new regime.

Perhaps this is to be expected considering the economic gains European nations will make at the expense of major rivals China and Russia by supporting the rebels. The aforementioned nations initially refused to acknowledge the rebels and it has been reported that they could lose valuable contracts and investments as a result.

Libya’s new government, The National Transitional Council(NTC) have already indicated that Britain, France and those who supported their rise to power will be given preferential treatment in future business deals.

As the war continues with civilian and military casualties rising, it seems as though the only real winners in this conflict will be the West.


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