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New Business Development Initiative launched to tackle economic inequality

A brand new business program targeting Britain’s Black community was recently launched at the Nation of Islam’s UK headquarters earlier this month. Bringing together seasoned entrepreneurs and business coaches, the program aims to spark a wave of enterprise to tackle longstanding economic inequality by providing business start up and development support.

Featuring presentations from a number of industry trailblazers, the launch event titled “Why every Blackman must own a business, have a family and how to get it done” saw Black men from across the country inspired to begin the process of economic rebirth in their community.

As part of the program, a new investment scheme was also unveiled which will see members saving £100 each for 10 weeks with a view to starting or investing in business.

During his keynote address, the European Regional representative of the Hon.Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Minister Hilary Muhammad called for Black men to raise their ambitions and work together to create significant businesses and institutions.

Highlighting economic exploitation across the UK’s Black communities, Minister Hilary was keen to stress the importance of redirecting our finances.

“When you walk through our community are you not sickened by the amount of businesses which are owned by other than us?”

“How much money do you think these takeaway shops make from selling us food that they themselves do not eat?”

Taking over such businesses The Minister argued would stop young people being swayed by illegal enterprises as they would see there is far more money to be made in serving their communities needs positively.

Pointing to the transatlantic slave trade and the continuing exploitation of Africa, the Minister spoke into the high level of commitment necessary to bring about major change.

“For Caucasian people to leave Europe and cross the high seas on rickety ships for 3 months took courage – they were focused and serious about their business of slavery and exploitation.”

“They were not interested in just a few diamonds or just a couple of ounces of gold – they were interested exclusively in the mines because they were determined to do business on the highest levels, by controlling the source and root of the earth mineral resources”.

He further challenged the capacity audience by stating, “If we’re serious about reversing the evil Europeans and others have done to us– we must demonstrate a greater capacity to be Free, Justified and equal, by emerging victorious from our collective horrible condition, through the power of collective investment, and support black owned businesses and initiatives.”

The Minister continued by explaining the time for talking has ended, warning that only collective action can bring about significant progress within our community.

“The enemy has no problem with us being able to quote scripture and African history if we have no money, because as we rant in rooms, he runs the world!”

“He controls the supermarkets, the electricity the gas, the hospitals –if we are really serious about economic empowerment, then we must begin building independent systems for ourselves.”

The event also saw presentations from renowned defence barrister, Courtenay Griffiths who highlighted community policing as a solution to among Black youth, Martial Arts experts from Gym London South, Urological Surgeon Dr. Frank Chinegwundoh MBE, business coach Asari St Hill who gave a powerful presentation on business start ups and multi-millionaire property developer Charles Gordon who encouraged attendees to believe in themselves and take more risks.

“I think the problem most people have is by the time they feel confident enough in whatever it is that there doing they’ve already got commitments, they’re caught in the money trap,” he explained.

“They’ve got a mortgage, they’ve got car payments all these things that prevent you from taking the risk or making the jump.”

Having left school at 16, Mr Gordon spoke into the importance of transforming negative situations into positive outcomes,

“My headteacher master told me uncategorically that I wasn’t going to amount to much, that applying for jobs was just a waste of time because I would never be employed.”

“So for me there was no point in trying to get a job, my only option was to go into business.”

While money is important, Mr Gordon stressed the necessity of maintaining strong principles and cultivating strong teams;

“In business and in life treat people as you would want to be treated, don’t get involved in businesses which people suffer or there are losers,” he explained.

“Work out what you’re good at and then surround yourself with people with people who are strong in areas you are not – so the objective is to find a team of people which make a whole.”

With the investment scheme already up and running, The Entrepreneurs Club will be hosting a follow up event on April 22nd on company structuring. Aspiring, developing and experienced entrepreneurs alike will have the opportunity to learn how to structure their companies for global success from international business figures.
To find out more about this event or the Entrepreneurs Club please call 07480136320 or visit www.theeentreprenuers.club for more information

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