Abbottgate? It’s a coloured disadvantaged black minority ethnic urban thing you wouldn’t understand.

Justin Muhammad January 7, 2012 4

The recent Stephen Lawrence verdicts and the ever growing Abbottgate twitter revelations have left me as a “British citizen” and more importantly a black man feeling cold. (Hence my sensationalist headline). It is the inconceivable gall of the established media, government officials and anybody else looking for two minutes of fame on the Abbottgate bandwagon.

Basically this is what was said:

Bim Adewunmi: “I do wish everyone would stop saying ‘the black community’ though.” 

Bim Adewunmi: “Clarifying my ‘black community’ tweet: I hate the generally lazy thinking behind the use of the term. Same for ‘black community leaders’.

Diane Abbott: “I understand the cultural point you are making. But you are playing into a “divide and rule” agenda.”      They go back and forth for a few tweets more and then…                                        

Diane Abbott: “White people love playing ‘divide & rule’ We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism.

Later it was revealed she tweeted: “Dubious of black people claiming they’ve never experienced racism. Ever tried hailing a taxi I always wonder?”

Watching politicians and other commentators trying to hide the true condition of racial affairs in this country and worldwide with their childish reactions to  the above is simply ridiculous, any fool with an ounce of “common’ could see they have as much validity as a hundred dollar bill in Iran. Just read the definition of the word racism… PLEASE!

I followed the Stephen Lawrence case from the very beginning and saw the hell that his family and friends went through to bring his killers to Justice. Dwayne Brooks; Stephen’s friend who witnessed the murder was treated so badly by Police that they were forced to pay him £100,000 in compensation.

Now more than 18 years later, the Police and CPS have finally under duress done their job and we’re supposed to jump for joy? What’s really changed? Have the national police forces suddenly started treating us with courtesy and respect? Ask the families of Mark Duggan, Smiley Culture and Jacob Michael.

Has the schooling system started to educate our children and leave their self esteem in tact?  Has the justice system started prosecuting police officers for their brutality and neglect of black detainees? Have the appalling related statistics changed?  Is anyone in society at large even bothered?

Whether they speak it in public or not, these are the questions that run through the black community like a bush fire on a daily basis and rightly so. Visit any barber shop or community discussion forum and see for yourself.

Working as a youth worker during the recent riots, I was shocked at the blatantly racist discriminatory comments made by those charged with the responsibility of caring for the young and disadvantaged. Whether we  understood the actions of the young people concerned or not, the majority of black people were all too familiar with the underlying causes.

Love or loath Diane Abbott she has been for years a friend to the British establishment, trying to help British society change for the better while doing her best to be an example to Black people of what she believes we can achieve and how best to do it.

Would anyone dare to challenge a Jewish public figure who made a generalisation against Germans after Nuremberg? No, the whole world knows what hell they suffered under the Nazi’s and from their perspective this a justifiable stance whether you agree or not.

As the Red Indian proverb goes “White man speak with forked tongue” It was not every white person (because they hadn’t met them all) but after receiving smallpox infected blankets as an offering that was their general feeling and disposition when dealing with the representatives of those people.

Ms Abbot has a degree in history from Cambridge I guess she knows a bit about the history and tactics employed by the representatives of white society to gain global influence and power.

The problem with the powers that be in British society is they never allow black people to define their own feelings about the condition of their own community. We are constantly labelled, told how we should speak. feel and act in order to please the status quo, who are funnily enough the very people who still benefit from our unrivalled suffering and free labour for over three hundred years.

We may not always see eye to eye on her method but her value to both Black and white communities is undeniable. Ms Abbott has the ability to speak the truth to society as a whole and those who want to nit pick her choice of words (written to her own sister in struggle) should meet a wall of objection from anyone black or white who is interested in dealing with the serious problems affecting our society and the world at large.


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  4. kunga June 13, 2013 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Very well written as are all your articles. Some insight and well made arguments.
    I would say, however, I was troubled at the timing of D Abboot’s statement as it was just at a time when the country as a whole were ‘celebrating’ a small victory that racist murderers were being jailed and there was a sense of commonality across races, as white people and black people sighed a sense of joint relief.
    It was Ms Abbot’s timing which, however true, were devisive and took away the debate about racist murderers to racist taxi drivers.
    An error in judgement which she should have apologised to the Lawrence family and not to Milliband.

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